Welcome to my vintage toy collecting website!

I am 24 year old toyfreak woman ;) from Finland and I collect 90's Puppy/Kitty in my pocket toys // Baby Surprise animal families by M.E.G, and Precious Puppies // Precious Kitties // Baby Wild Animals by TOPPS.

Tervetuloa keräilysivuilleni!

Olen 24-vuotias leluihin höynähtänyt naikkonen. Keräilen 90-luvun Puppy/Kitty in my pocketteja, Baby Surprise eläinperheitä ja TOPPSin valmistamia koiria (Precious Puppies), kissoja (Precious Kitties) sekä Baby Wild Animals -sarjaa.

This site is in English and Finnish. ENJOY! :)

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Päivitetty / Updated: 20.08.2012

15.11.2010: Hi everybody! I finally got Kitty in my pocket and TOPPS pictures updated, it's possible that there are some mistakes, let me know if you find any so i can fix them:) I also have some new items but I'll update them later. Yeah I know I'm a bit lazy, sorry for that! :D

I formed a new facebook page "90'S M.E.G Puppy and Kitty in My Pocket toys!" Feel free to join! :)

I'm sorry that pictures haven't worked recently, I chanced my website service provider and now I have to upload and update all the pictures again. So, it's a pretty big work to do, but I'm fixing the problem now and soon everything will be fine again:) Thank you for your patience.

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