Baby Wild Animals 1996 made by TOPPS

Näitä on saanut ostaa yksittäin pienissä muovisissa pakkausissa, joissa oli eläin, perhealbumi, kortti ja karkki.
Sarjaan kuuluu 24 eläintä.

01. Brownie
This cuddly, three-year-old brown bear cub isn´t getting food directly from his mother anymore, but he won´t be hunting on his own for a year or so. "I´m an only child, though most of my friends have on brother or sister. I wish very much that I had someone at home to play with. But it´s really nice to get all of my mom´s attention. She makes me happy!"

02. Pom Pom
Lions are considered the King and Queen of the jungle. Does that mean their babies are called Prince and Princess? "I´m very proud of being a lion cub. I sometimes wish, though, that my mother wouldn´t carry me around in her mouth by the scruff of my neck. That´s kind of embarrassing. There are 45 lions in my community. And all of us are good looking and healthy. Maybe that´s why they call us a "pride" of lions."

03. Fuzzy
"Nosy" might be a better name for this adorable one-year-old. Koala bears´ big dark noses are great for sniffing out the tasty eucalyptus leaves they love so much. "I´m old enough that I don´t have to live in my mother´s pouch any more. For another six months though, I get to ride everywhere on her back. Since we spend lots of time in tall eucalyptus trees, the view is pretty exciting!"

04. Sprout
The giraffe baby calf is a lovable but spindly critter. At birth, mama is standing straight up. This means that baby falls about six feet! "It felt like I was flying, but it didn´t hurt me. I was six feet tall when I was born and I´ve been growing three inches a mont since then. I´m now exactly twelve feet tall (and still growing). Can you figure out how old I am?"

05. Knuckles
Knuckles is a lucky baby animal. Chimps live in communities, so there are lots of friends around. And mother chimps often nurse their young for four years. "I´m two years old and live in an African jungle. Even though I haven´t started looking for food yet, I can chase around pretty good. Of all the apes, I´m the most like you. I have hands like yours and I know how to use my thumb, too. Am I holding my banana like you do?"

06. Crabby
Crabby is an appealing, two-year-old harbor seal. Since seals don´t migrate like many sea animals, Crabby knows the harbor pretty well. "Grown-up seals eat mostly fish and squid, but not me. My favourite food is crab. So it´s good I´ve lived here all my life. My mom showed me where to find all the crabs I can eat. I´m afraid to tell you how many that is."

07. Trumpet
Elephants are the largest land mammals alive, so it´s not a surprise that cute little Trumpet weighed more than 200 pounds when she was born. "I´m a total vegetarian, so how did I get so big? Maybe it´s because I´m related to my mom. She drinks 60 gallons of water and eats four to six-hundred pounds of food every day! Oh, speaking of drinking. I drink trough my mouth.. Not my trunk."

08. Teeny
Hippos have a wonderful life - and tender two-year-old Teeny is no exception. "Lots of us live together (altough I´m pretty short, so it´s hard to peek over the adults and see exactly how many of us there really are) Life here is like on of your vacations. We swim, sunbathe and then laze around munching on sweet grass. I think life is just about as sweet as that grass!"

09. Bizzy
Bizzy is a delightful three-year-old sea otter pup, living in a lush, Pacific coastal kelp bed with her mom and the rest of her community. "My mom floats on her back and uses her stomach like a table. She puts the food up there (today it´s abalone), and uses a rock to break open it´s shell. Of course she puts ME up there, too. To keep warm, sea otters eat one-fourth their weight in food every day. That means if you weigh one-hundred pounds, you´d have to eat one-hundred quater pounders!"

10. Lightfoot
Lightfoot is a fetching fawn well into her second year. Though she´s almost grown, she´s not happy about leaving her mother´s side. "Time goes by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was a newborn and never left my mother´s side. Now I look for food on my own (I eat grass and leaves - but I really love fruit). My father has antlets that are two and one-half feet long. I think he´s handsome!"

11. Hoppy
An Australian native, Hoppy is fresh out of mom´s pouch at one-year-old. "Sure, it was nice getting to ride everywhere. But I´m glad to be out now, learning to hop around on my own. My mother can run almost fifty miles an hour and she can jump ten feet high, too! It´ll probably be a long time before I´m that athletic. I´m off to a really good start, though."

12. Teddy
Positively one of the most darling baby animals on earth, Teddy is, at three, about halfway to independence. "I already resemble a small version of a grown-up giant panda. I look like I have a big, white maks on, with my black ears and eyes poking out. I´ve been told that the giant panda was copied to make the most popular teddy bear in history. Do you have one at home?"

13. Posy
Baby skunks grow up fast. In fact, they are on their own with the first year of their life. And it should be noted that these bewitching little creatures are not as dangerous as you might think. "Everyone tells me how cute I am - and then they stay ten feet away from me. I´ve been able to spray since I was three weeks old. But now I´m more than six months old and I haven´t had to use my sprayer once. I´m nice!"

14. Bandit
Bandit is a good name for this 2-year old. Raccoons are gregarious and don´t mind living near cities. They´re also mischievous, visiting places where they´re not invited. "I have hands that are pretty much like yours. That means I can open doors, cabinets, cans and jars, and generally get into lots of trouble. I´m a good climber too - whetever it´s a tree; a tall food pantry; or a garbage can in your backyeard."

15. Scamper
At 16 weeks old, Scamper is so adorable that it´s easy to forget that the tiger is the largest member of the cat family. "My mom won´t have any more babies until I´m ready to take care of myself. She hunts food for me and my two brothers and protects us, too! She´s teaching me how to climb trees when I´m in danger. And she´s already taught me to swim. I think swimming is fun."

16. Strider
This black-and-white striped beauty is closely related to the horse. And at a year old, Strider is starting to get pretty worldy. "My family and I live in Africa. Even though I´m pretty fast runner now, I´d like you to know that I could walk the day I was born. I like to play with other animals, like gazelles, birds, mongooses and antelopes. I like to carry sticks around, too."

17. Reynard
This beautiful six-month-old lives in a specially made den in the woods. "Here´s your chance to learn a couple of new words. I´m nocturnal, which means I´m active mostly all night. I´m also solitary, which means I´m I like to be alone by myself most of the time. And I´m sly which to some folks means I´m sneaky. I think it means I´m crafty!"

18. Snowflake
This two-year-old cub is just about halfway to being truly independent. And her name tells you where she lives - in the Polar Arctic region. "It´s very cold where I live. But I have plenty of fur to keep me warm. People are misinformed that all bears hibernate. Most don´t. But guess what? Polas bears are on of the few species that do!"

19. Nimble
Nimble is an appropriately named year-old kid. After all, you have to be pretty agile to scamper up and down the sides of mountains. "Sure, I´m sure-footed on the rocky slopes. My mom taught me well, plus it kind of runs in the family. You´ve seen my home, if you´ve ever seen that movie, ´The Sound of Music.´ It´s really very beautiful here in Austria."

20. Puppy
Puppy is daintly and darling, even thought at two, maturity is only a year away. "I´m a real Native American. My family was here long before Christopher Columbus was even born. We are very sociable, with a good sized group living in a lodge we built (you might call it our no-so-little house on the prairie!"

21. Flossie
Flossie is two months old. Penguin mothers leave their babies to take care of themselves after about fifty days, so independence is pretty new to her. "As young as I am, I´ve already heard all the stories. You know, how our feather coats looks like a tuxedo. And your funny way of walking. Really, the only one that bothers me is when someone says that I can`t fly. Sure I can...I just fly UNDER WATER!!"

22. Twaddle
A baby chipmunk like little Twaddle can be pretty irresistible. As growing boys and girls, thay can be pretty hungry, too! "Sometimes it seems like I can just never get enough to eat. What do I like? Well let me see, there´s bird´s eggs, seeds, nuts, mushrooms and all different kinds of plants: I don´t think I´ve left anything out."

23. Scurry
Scurry was named by her friends because, like most cheetahs, she is a very, very fast runner. "At two years old, I can´t expect to be quite as fast as the adults around me, but I´m for sure faster than anyone else my age. My mom can run about 65 miles an hour. I´m about ten miles slower than that. Anyway, we cheetahs are the fastest land animal over short distances."

24. Ditto
Ditto is three years old, but separation from Mom won´t happen for a long, long time. "People think we´re funny. We like to imitate or "ape" other creatures. And we make funny faces too. I think what´s really funny is the fact that our big toes are smaller than our other toes. My mother is lots of fun to be with. And that´s good, because I could be with her for as much as secen more years!"