Precious Kitties 1998 made by TOPPS

Näitä on saanut ostaa yksittäin pienissä muovisissa pakkausissa, joissa oli kissa, tarra, perhealbumi ja karkki.
Sarjaan kuuluu 24 kissaa.

01. Lily
Who´s that cuddly little ball of fur curled up beneath the rose bush? Why, it´s none other than Lily, the newest addition to Frank´s Flower Shop. The plants in the greenhouse provide a perfect playground for this three-month-old kitten and she likes to adorn herself with fresh blossoms every morning. "I also enjoy strolling among the plants, "says Lily, "but I have to be careful when I get near the roses. Their thorns are even sharper than my claws!"

02. Flutter
Whether she´s chasing a ball or trying to catch an insesct, little Flutter is one kitten that doesn´t sit still for very long. The world is a big playground for this six-month-old kitten and she enjoys her every waking moment. She finds amusement everywhere. An empty paper bag is a great source of adventures as well as a passing butterfly. "I´m always looking for someone to play with, "Flutter says. Maybe you could be her playtime partner!

03. Rosie
Some people say that Rosie the kitten is overweight. "But I´m not!" says young Rosie. "I just have big bones and fur." Rosie enjoys eating her regular car food, but she especially looks forward to getting table scraps after dinner. "I´m a growing kitten," says Rosie, "and I need a lot of nutrition."

04. Bo Diddley
Little Bo Diddley is one "cool cat." He´s four months old, and he lives in a recording studio where he gets to meet the hippest musicians in town. "I like to wear my shades and hang out with all the cats in the studio," Bo tells us. This keen kitty wears cool sunglasses and enjoys listening to all kinds of music. At the end of the day, you´ll find little Bo surled up in an empty guitar case, dreaming of the day when he can go on the road with all the other "cool cats".

05. Fluffy&Puffy
Fluffy and Puffy are two lucky kittens because they were adopted together by the Miller family. Amy Miller´s father told her that she coulf adopt one cat, but when Amy saw the two tiny kittens playing together, she couldn´t break up the pair. "We´re so happy that Amy´s father let us stay together," says Fluffy. And Puffy agrees, telling us, "We´ll be happy forever as one big family."

06. Spiffy
Here´s a little kitten that´s clean as a whistle! Spiffy lives in the laundry room of the big hotel downtown, and she´s learned how to keep everything tidy, including herself. The people who work in the laundry room are all her friends and they sometimes bring her treats from the hotel cafeteria. "I enjoy the free snacks from the hote, "says Spiffy. "And to show my appreciation, I´m always sure to lick the plate clean!"

07. Tiffany
Tiffany is a beautiful Angora kitten who appreciates the finer things in life. That´s because she lives in Mr. Marchette´s jewely store where she sees the beautiful gems that are always on display. "I love meeting the people who come into the store," says Tiffany. "They all have such good taste." And Tiffany always purrs in appreciation whenever the customers admire her shiny jewel-studded collar or pet her long, silku fur.

08. Splat
Altought he wasn´t born that way, little Spalt the cat has turned into a multi-colored kitty. That´s because Splat lives in an artist´s loft and he likes to play with the different colors of paint. "I´m an Angora kitten," explains Spalt, "and the long fur on my tail is just like a paintbursh." Spalt tries to use his tail to paint pictures, but more paint lands on Slapt than on the canvas. Maybe he should try paw print instead!

09. Ratchet
If you get car fixed at Paul´s Garage, you might find some mysterious paw prints on the hood. That´s because Paul has a new assistant in the auto repair shop, a four-month-old kitten named Ratchet. Ratchet loves walking on the cars and greeting the people who come in to get repairs. "I like riding in Paul´s tow truck, too, "says Ratchet, "because that´s when I get to meet all the children who live in the neighborhood." Next time you see a tow truck, be sure to wave to Ratchet.

10. Siren
Some fire stations have Dalmatians or mascots. But Fire Chief Benson happens to like cats, so he adopted a seven-month-old kitten named Siren who now lives in the firehouse. "All the firemen are so nice to me," says Siren. "They take good care of me and they´ve even made me their mascot!" Fire Chief Benson donated his favorite boot to Siren so she´ll have a cozy place in which to take her cat naps.

11. Munchie
Little Munchie has an empty dish and he isn´t happy about it. Although Heather Andrews just gave her little kitten a full bowl of food, Munchie has already eaten it and he wants more. "Won´t you feer me?" asks little Munchie. "Please?" This four-month-old kitten can meow as loud as a full-grown cat when he´s hungry...and Munchie is always hungry. Maybe you have a snack that you could put in Munchie´s bowl.

12. Shambala
The Heart of Siam restaurant has a new mascot, little Shambala the kitten. This five-month-old Siamese cat is a favorite with customers as well as the family who owns the restaurant. "Some people think I bring them good luck," Shambala says. "But it is I who have good fortune to live in a place where I can eat fresh seafood each and every day."

13. Sharpie
Little Sharpie is a four-month-old Minx kitten who has the sharpest claws on the block. Every day, she claws at her new straching posti to keep her nails in tiptop shape. "This is how a kitten learns to do her own manicures," Sharpie tells us. "We file our claws just like people file their nails." Sharpie can also use trees or other objects to keep her claws sharp. Bur she knows better than to scratch on the funiture in the living room!

14. A LaCarte
If you want to know the best restaurants in the neighborhood, just follow little Al LaCarte, the alley cat. This five-month-old kitten has become quite a food expert and won´t accept meals from just anyone. "I enjoy fine dining and I see no reason to embrace inferior quality eats. " Al LaCarte explains. You´ll never see this kitty eating fast-food leftovers...not when he can stroll right into the kitchen of Chez Paris, the finest French restaurant in town, where the chef always invites Al to sample the cuisine.

15. Cleo
Cats are generally very poised animals, and this is especially true of a young Abyssinian kitten named Cleo. "My ancestors were brought to ancient Egypt from Ehtiopia," explains Cleo, "and they once lived with pharaohs and kings" Cleo still has a very regal nature and strolls with great pride as she surveys her kingdom in the Sanders household. She is especially proud of her new collar, which is fit for a princess!

16. Roscoe
Roscoe is a tough little tabby who earned his tripes early in life. "I´ve always enjoyed being outside," the seven-month-old kitten tells us, "but you have to be careful when you´re out on the street." Roscoe always looks both ways before crossing at a busy intersection. He also has to watch out for Rusty the dog who just loves to chase cats. But each night, Roscoe comes inside so he can play with all the children in the Thompson family.

17. Catastrophe
Who´s crying over spilled milk? Why it´s a little three-month-old kitten named Catastrophe (Cat, for short). "I didn´t mean to spill my milk, " he tells us, "but sometimes I just can´t help myself!" Suzy Johnson loves little Cat but sometimes he upsets her when he accidentally breaks or spills something. However, Suzy knows he´s just a kitten and when he grows up, he´ll be a lot more surefooted. In the meantime, she gives him lots of love and understanding.

18. Sleepy, Snoozy & Drowsy
Allison Baker is very excited because three little kittens were just born at her house. Altough they´re only three days old, Allison has already name them Sleepy, Snoozy and Drowzy because they like to sleep so much. "Their eyes haven´t even opened yet,"Allison tells us, "because they´re still little babies." But she loves the fuzzy little trio and is looking forward to the day when they´ll be old enough to play with her.

19. Megabyte
Here´s a kitten who´s ready to surf the net! Little Magebyte just loves to play with a mouse, as long as the mouse is attached to Frank Young´s computer. "Computers are a lot of fun," Magebyte tells us, "I like the sounds and the colors and especially the way everything changes when I walk across the keyboard." Someday Megabyte hopes to learn how to use the internet to order a special delivery of his favorite cat food.

20. Java
An afternoon at the Main Street Coffee House isn´t complete unless little Java stops by your table to say hello. This five-month-old kitten is already a permanent fixture in the newly opened café, and all the customers look forward to seeing her. "I have so many friends who stop in to see me," says little Java. "They bring me toys and catnip and all kinds of presents." Java doesn´t drink coffee yet, but she does drink milk out of her own personal coffee cup!

21. Jinx
If you look outside during a full-moon night, you´re likely to find little Jinx crossing your path. This six-month-old kitten was born on Halloween and she is as magical as the day on which she was born. "I Like mysterious things," Jinx tells us, "and I love to listen to the enchanting stories that the children in the neighborhood tell me." This kitten is looking forward to her first birthday when she can go trick-or-treating with all her friends.

22. Glitzy
Glitzy in only ten weeks old, but she still doesn´t realize that she´s a kitten. She seems to think that she´s a glomour girl. "There´s nothing like a new hat to perk up a girl´s spirits," says Glitzy, "but I have such a hard time finding one in my size." Sally Harper laughs and laughs whenever Glitzy plays Dress Up. But even Sally admits that Glitzy looks great waring a strand of pearls!

23. Pom Pom
There´s nothing a kitten likes better than to play with a ball of yarn, and little Pompom has a big selection from which to choose. That´s because this lucky little kitty lives in a yarn shop. "Mary gives me my own special balls of yarn to play with," says Pompom, "And I have a great time tossing them around." The customers have a lot of fun watching Pompom play with the yarn. Maybe you´ll visit the yarn shop someday and play with Pompom too!

24. Stretch
Because she´s concerned with keeping fit, Stretch prefers hanging out at healt clubs. But today she´s stuck hanging out on a tree branch - and this isn´t the first time! This four-month-old kitten is constantly in some kind of mess. "It didn´t look so high up when I was on the ground," she says, "but it sure is scary and high up now that I´m up here." Hang in there, Stretch! Here comes one of the neighborhood kids to rescue you.